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Papers in other Journals:

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Papers in Proceedings:

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Other Publications:

A.Aleksa, M.Ragulskis. Time-Averaged Moiré Fringes. Wolfram demonstration. http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/TimeAveragedMoireFringes/

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Doctoral Defense Committees:

M.Ragulskis (Scientific Supervisor). Author: Violeta Kravcenkiene. Title of Thesis: Adaptive conjugate smoothing in numerical experimental environments. Discipline: Informatics (09P. Degree Level: Doctoral. University: Kaunas University of Technology. Defence Date: 2009.


M.Ragulskis (Doctoral dissertation committee member). Author: Gintare Leonaite. Title of Thesis: Analytical investigation of delay systems. Discipline: Informatics (09P). Degree Level: Doctoral. University: Kaunas University of Technology. Defence Date: 2009.


M.Ragulskis (Doctoral dissertation committee member). Author: Asta Kabelkaite. Title of Thesis: Investigation of influence of the running direction of paper and cardboard and defects of material to the eigenmodes of vibrations. Discipline: Mechanical Engineering (09T). Degree Level: Doctoral. University: Kaunas University of Technology. Defence Date: 2009.