Papers in ISI Web of Science:


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Other Papers:


T.Ragulskis, V.Ostasevicius, V.Pilkauskas, M.Ragulskis. Communication scheme based on evolutionary spatial games in the cloud computing environment. Transaction on IoT and Cloud Computing. ICAS Publishing. ISSN 2331-4753, vol.2, iss.3, pp.1-10, 2014. pdf


Papers in ISI Proceedings:

R.Palivonaite, K.Lukoseviciute, M.Ragulskis. Algebraic level-set approach for the segmentation of financial time series. A.I. Esparcia-Alcazar et al. (Eds.): EvoApplications 2014, Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences. vol.8602, pp. 239–250, 2014. pdf

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M. Landauskas, M. Ragulskis - Controlling of period-2 unstable orbits in a bouncer system using patterns of H-ranks. International conference on recent advances in pure and applied mathematics (ICRAPAM 2014), 6-9 November 2014, Antalya, Turkey : book of abstract. ISBN 9789750021114 p. 169.

Conference Committees:

M.Ragulskis (Program Committee Member) EICTA 2014 - International Conference on Emerging Information and Communication Technologies and Applications 2014, Hangzhou, China. Nov 15-16, 2014.


M.Ragulskis (Program Committee Member) CC 2014 - The 2014 International Conference on Communications and Computers, Saint Petersburg State Politechnical University, Saint Petersburg, Russia. September 23-25, 2014.


M.Ragulskis (Program Committee Member) ETE 2014 - The 2014 International Conference on Educational Technologies and Education, Interlaken, Switzerland. February 22-24, 2014.


M.Ragulskis (Program Committee Member) SCSI 2014 - The 2014 International Conference on Systems, Control, Signal Processing and Informatics, Prague, Czech Republic. April 2-4, 2014.


M.Ragulskis (International Scientific Committee) CSCC 2014 - 18th International Conference on Circuits, Systems, Communications and Computers, Santorini Island, Greece. July 17-21, 2014.


M.Ragulskis (Member of the Program Committee) ITISE 2014 - International Work-Conference on Time Series Analysis, Granada, Spain. June 25-27, 2014.


M.Ragulskis (Keynote Speaker) "Dynamic visual cryptography - theory and applications" ICETI 2014 - The 3-rd International Conference on Engineering and Technology Innovation, Kenting, Taiwan. October 31 - November 04, 2014.


M.Ragulskis (International Scientific Committee) MSM 2014 - 10-th International Conference Mechatronic Systems and Materials, Opole, Poland. 7-10 July, 2014.


M.Ragulskis (Member of the Scientific Committee) RA'14 - 3-rd International Symposium Rare Attractors and Rare Phenomena in Nonlinear Dynamics, Riga-Jurmala, Latvia. 19-23 May, 2014

Doctoral Defense Committees:

M.Ragulskis (Doctoral dissertation committee member). Author: Vytautas Rimsa. Title of Thesis: Discrete model of the particulate composite. Discipline: Mechanical Engineering (09T). Degree Level: Doctoral. University: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Defence Date: 2014.


M.Ragulskis (Doctoral dissertation committee member). Author: Mindaugas Skujus. Title of Thesis: Asymptotic conditions at infinity for the time-periodic Stokes problem set in domains with cylindrical outlets to infinity. Discipline: Mathematics (01P). Degree Level: Doctoral. University: Vilnius University. Defence Date: 2014.


M.Ragulskis (Opponent). Author: Giedre Talateviciene. Title of Thesis: Changes of electrocardiographic parameters and their dynamic concatenations during whole-body cryotherapy and peliodotherapy procedures. Discipline: Nursing (10B). Degree Level: Doctoral. University: Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Defence Date: 2014.


Special Issues:


M.Ragulskis. Guest Editor - Special Issue "Selective Papers from the 3rd ICETI2014 Conference on Intelligent and Precision Machinery and Manufacturing" in The Scientific World Journal, ISSN: 2356-6140.


M.Ragulskis. Lead Guest Editor - Special Issue "Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering in Cyber-Physical Systems". Advances in Mechanical Engieering, ISSN: 1687-8140, Hindawi Publishing, vol. 2014, 2014.