Papers in ISI Web of Science:

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Other Papers:


Z.Navickas, T.Telksnys, M.Ragulskis. Special multiplicative operators for the solution of ODE - invariants and representations. International Journal of Engineering and Technology Innovation. TAETI, ISSN 2223-5329, vol.5, no.1, pp.01-18, 2015. pdf


Book Chapter:


P.Palevicius, M.Ragulskis, A.Palevicius. Applicability of Time-Averaged Holography for Reliability Assessment of Chemical Sensors. Chapter 17 (pages 193-203). Book Title: "Nanotechnology in the Security Systems" - NATO Science for Peace and Security - Series C - Environmental Security. Edited by J.Bonza and S.Kruchinin. ISBN 978-94-017-9004-8. Springer Science+Business Media, Dordrecht, 2015. pdf


Conference Proceedings:


R.Ciegis, V.Starikovicius, M.Ragulskis, R.Palivonaite. Parallel boinc computing for visual cryptography algorithms. 7th international workshop "Data analysis methods for software systems", Druskininkai, Lithuania, Hotel “Europa Royale”, December 3–5, 2015:[abstracts book], p.17.